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What our employers have to say about i2i

“I’d been very anti NVQs because I’d had a lot of very bad experiences, but i2i must have caught me at a weak moment because I agreed to meet with them. I was very upfront and said I’d been told a lot of tall tales in the past, but I was promised that i2i would be different. Fortunately this time we got some great feedback. The assessors were doing what they said they were going to do. They were communicating well with the managers and engaging the learners. That persuaded me to roll it out further. It’s not yet company wide, but it’s currently in about half of our stores. For me, it’s about us showing that if you’re interested in learning, there is an opportunity and we will support you through that opportunity."
Viv Sheader - Training Manager, Boyes
“Our partnership with i2i works really well, and to be completely honest, we wouldn’t be doing it if it wasn’t working. It allows us to offer a development journey for our members of staff. The assessors at i2i are friendly, helpful and approachable, and they have built up really good relationships with our Store Managers, so they fit in with the business, rather than get in the way of the businesses. If I got a call from a Store Manager to say: ‘the assessor keeps coming in when we’ve got a delivery and insists on doing so’, then it wouldn’t work in the longer term, but i2i have always respected our needs and priorities as a business. The feedback from our staff has been really positive. They can get a qualification that recognises what would normally be done in house, so it’s transferrable, which is great for staff.”
Paul Richens - Senior Retail Learning & Development Manager, Dorothy Perkins
“We need to be able to offer the best quality training possible, and from the feedback I’ve received I’d say we’ve definitely been getting that from i2i. Everyone goes back to do more courses, so they must be enjoying them! We’ve even had people doing courses that aren’t particularly specific to their roles. They’re just enjoying learning, which can only benefit us as a company.”
Ian Saul - Accounts Manager, Vopak Chemical Storage
"The apprenticeships are going very well. We’ve had lots of success with i2i. We’ve had three members of staff go through their Retail Apprenticeship and I’ve just done the Management Level 3, which was great. It was definitely beneficial to my role here as Store Manager and it slotted in well with the working pattern in terms of giving evidence for the portfolio. Our i2i assessor Elspeth has been absolutely brilliant. She comes from a retail background, so she’s got a real knowledge of the business and how it works, which is very useful. She’s always very respectful of store time constraints and she’s got a lovely warm personality. If the learners don’t understand things she goes through them and makes sure she puts it into layman’s terms rather than using complicated jargon.”
Claire Pratt - Store Manager at Dorothy Perkins, Alfreton
The interaction with i2i was always great - professional and nothing was too much trouble. We would welcome more applicants and see this as a very successful and worthwhile way of assisting people back to work.
Sally - Manager at A Cut Above, Cannock