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Individuals - what we offer

What i2i can offer you as a learner...

i2i's range of training options have been specifically designed to help our learners to achieve career success.

Help in choosing your Apprenticeship:
Our Skills and apprenticeship trainers promise to recognise you as an individual by helping you to identify your own unique strengths and talents. They will help you to understand the different choices which are available and will also share in the responsibility of choosing and planning your learner journey. By working together in a close partnership, we can help you to develop all of the skills required to succeed as a learner.

On-going support and guidance:
Once the apprenticeship is underway, our Skills and apprenticeship trainers will support you in every way possible. They will help you to plan what you learn - ensuring you meet your course requirements and make good progress. For many people, returning to education can be quite daunting, so we'll do everything we can to help you to grow in confidence as you take on new challenges.

A positive learning experience:
Here at i2i, our Skills and apprenticeship trainers have been trained to deliver a range of different teaching approaches, which can be adapted to suit your individual learning style. Our resources are modern and up-to-date, and are designed to help you meet the demands of the course, whilst also progressing quickly. We will review your work regularly and provide feedback on how you can improve in the future.

A dedicated Skills and apprenticeship trainer to listen to your needs:
Communication is key to achieving a positive learner experience. Our Skills and apprenticeship trainers will always strive to accommodate your needs and will always offer a friendly ear to help with any questions or problems. As the learner, it is vital that you are happy with your learning experience. We will therefore always ask for your feedback, so that we can constantly strive to improve the quality of our service. We will also provide as much advice, information and guidance as we can - in helping you to plan any future learning or progression.

Printed on:  December 14, 2018 9:59 PM