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How can i2i's training packages benefit your business?

Having the right people with the right skills can often be the difference between profit and loss.

In these tough economic times, there is often a great deal of pressure on businesses, and the implications of poorly trained staff can be devastating.

Here at i2i, we offer a range of vocational training packages to help your business thrive and grow.

A happy and flexible workforce:
Investing in the development of your staff brings about many benefits including increased productivity, better quality of work, adherence to quality standards, improved staff retention and employee satisfaction. Employees who develop a wider range of skills are ultimately able to undertake a greater variety of work.

Increased competitiveness: 
A highly skilled workforce will enable your business to be more competitive in the marketplace. 80% of businesses with an Apprenticeship programme say their programmes 'make them more competitive in our industry than we would be without it'.

Reduced costs: 
A happy and loyal workforce means better staff retention, which will ultimately lower recruitment costs. 53% of businesses say their apprenticeship programme has led to lower recruitment costs, which gives companies a competitive advantage in a tight labour market.

The opportunity to attract ambitious new recruits: 
Training packages are not only a way of improving the effectiveness of your current workforce; they are also attractive benefits for ambitious new recruits. Businesses need new talent to help them develop and grow, and a company with a strong training ethic is more attractive to potential job candidates who are keen to progress and improve their skills. The lack of a strong training strategy may suggest that a company is unambitious, leading to a lack of ambitious job applicants.

A good company reputation and profile: 
A business with a strong training programme in place is better placed to build a solid reputation as a responsible and trusted company. Your commitment to training will be transmitted back into the local community by means of word of mouth - impacting on business productivity, as well as recruitment.

Apprenticeships trained within your company will help you to create a strong foundation to your workforce - ensuring a bright future for the growth of your business.

Please call our Skills Team on 01904 606000 for more information about our service.