Inspire 2 Independence

Statement of service

Statement of service

What we offer:
i2i changes lives for the better. Our mission is "to inspire individuals to fulfil their potential," and since 2004 we have worked with more than 70,000 individuals to do just that. We deliver a fully integrated employment and skills service, which specialises in helping people back to work and providing employers with recruitment solutions and staff training. We work with a broad spectrum of clients - from the jobless to employers wishing to develop their workforce.

The journey has been an exhilarating one for everyone involved in the growth of the company. From an initial team of ten, i2i has grown to a workforce of more than 300 employees across 16 centres, and is now firmly established as a major training provider and contributor to the employment and up-skilling of our national workforce.

At i2i, we offer a wide variety of programmes including: 
* Apprenticeships
* Functional Skills
* Employability programmes
* Traineeships
* Advanced learner loan funded provision

Our mission: 
To inspire others to fulfil their potential.

Our values: 
* Behave with integrity and respect.
* Be passionate about our business.
* Love success.
* Be humble and never stop improving.
* Be responsible and accountable.
* Keep it simple.

As outlined in i2i's Quality standards, we promise that:

Initial Assessment, advice and guidance

All learners will have access to impartial information and advice prior to enrolment.

All learners will be informed of any eligibility criteria for enrolment/service provision. Such criteria will be clearly set out and will be both fair and equitable.

All learners will receive an induction at the start of their programme which will incorporate health and safety and equal opportunities.

At the start of their programme Inspire 2 Independence Limited Charter will be explained to all learners and employers. The Charter sets out rights, responsibilities, what Inspire 2 Independence Limited can offer and the learners’ and employers’ contribution to the process.

Teaching and structured learning

Learners will be supported by staff who has clearly defined aims and learning outcome expectations placed upon them.

All courses and structured learning sessions will be well planned.

Staff will be well qualified and/or experienced in their subject areas.

Training/coaching/assessment will be delivered using appropriate methods and resources at an appropriate pace.

Staff will identify and meet learners’ individual need and requirements.

Learning environments will be matched to learner needs and managed effectively.

Health and safety requirements will be monitored and fully met. Learners will be encouraged to take responsibility for their own health and safety.

There is equality of opportunity with regard to recruitment, enrolment and access to Inspire 2 Independence Limited products and services subject to contract conditions and limitations.


Learners will be given information, advice and guidance by staff that are appropriately skilled, experienced and knowledgeable.

All structured advice sessions will be well planned.

Staff will explain the guidance process, expectations and clarify objectives in group sessions and/or one to one sessions.

Guidance sessions will be delivered using appropriate methods and resources at an appropriate pace, and in an appropriate venue.

Staff will identify and meet learners’ individual needs and requirements.

Guidance venues will be matched to learner need and managed effectively.

Assessment and monitoring of progress

All learners will receive an initial assessment of their needs which will be used as a basis for planning.

Progress reviews will be fair, accurate and carried out in a planned and routine manner. They will be appropriate to the learners’ needs.

Learning and guidance support will be monitored to enable regular feedback to be given to individuals about their progress and achievement.

All achievements towards learning, qualification, employment and/or other goals will be recorded and accredited.

Information about assessment will be used to guide qualification progress where applicable.

All assessment, certification and moderation will meet awarding body requirements.

Achieving objectives

All learners will be confident of their targets, progress and will receive support to reach their goals.

All learners will work towards accreditation wherever appropriate for their goals and needs.

All individuals will achieve an appropriate level of information, advice, guidance, knowledge, skills and understanding.

All individuals will be supported to demonstrate personal development.

All individuals will be supported and encouraged to achieve their goals and progress further.

All learners will demonstrate high levels of satisfaction.

Support for learners

All learners will receive adequate information about what Inspire 2 Independence Limited can offer.

All learners will receive appropriate information, advice and guidance prior to, during and on completion of their programme/qualification.

Resources will be targeted to provide additional holistic, person-centred support where it is most appropriate and to people most in need within contract and budget constraints.

Inspire 2 Independence Limited will use effective marketing strategies so as to widen participation and help people who have not recently been involved in learning or received guidance support.

Inspire 2 Independence Limited will maintain links with external agencies including other providers and voluntary organisations to enable the provision of additional or specialist support for learners where appropriate.

We ask of you:
* To be punctual and reliable when attending scheduled sessions with your i2i assessor.
* To take ownership and responsibility for your course.
* To undertake tests to assess skill levels, as and when required. 
* Respect others at all times and do not participate in any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying. All concerns must be reported immediately.
* Provide feedback via our website to help us monitor and improve the delivery of our programmes.
* Comply and follow any relevant procedures either within your workplace or whilst visiting an i2i centre.

Equal opportunities: 
* We will provide you with an environment that is free of discrimination.
* We will explain the Code of Conduct, your rights and responsibilities and how you can complain or make suggestions for improving our service.
* We will provide Equality & Diversity training/information that will be useful when you are visiting i2i centres or are in the workplace.
* We will treat you fairly and with respect as an individual - regardless of your gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion or whether you have any disability. 
* We will assess your needs in order to help you achieve your goals.

Equal opportunities - Your responsibilities:
* I will respect others as individuals whilst visiting i2i centres and in my workplace.
* I will understand that my views may be different to others.
* I respect others' beliefs and understand that bullying or harassment of others will not be tolerated.
* I will help other learners/clients to feel included.
* I will abide by the Code of Conduct.

Give us your feedback: 
We want to constantly strive for improvements here at i2i, so we'd like your help. Please let us know how we did and what you think we can do even better.
You can share your feedback with us in several ways:
1. Take part in a survey.
2. Join a focus group.
3. Call the i2i Head Office on 01904 606000.
* Please speak to your assessor about how to get involved in focus groups or surveys.

Any comments or complaints that we receive are dealt with in confidence. We will ensure your feedback is acknowledged within five working days and that a full response is issued within 10 working days of that acknowledgement.

How to contact us: 
Our Head Office address is: Inspire 2 Indpendence (i2i), Independence House, Millfield Lane, Nether Poppleton, York, YO26 6Ph. 
Telephone: 01904 606000.

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