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Training for the unemployed

Helping to upskill i2i's unemployed customers

Here at i2i, we don't just deliver training programmes in the workplace. We also deliver a range of courses in our centres to our customers as part of the Work Programme.

Many of these customers have been out of work for a long time, so it's vital that they have access to high quality training that meets their individual needs and increases their chances of returning to work.

All of our centres offer a range of accredited courses such as BTEC Level 2 certificates in English, Maths, IT and Customer Service.

We also run a large number of non-accredited courses which focus on specific areas for improvement such as Interview Techniques, How to Market Yourself and Raising Self-Esteem.

Here's what some of our customers had to say about the classroom based training courses which are run within our centres:

"Very informative sessions, well planned out and a very supportive tutor throughout the qualification. I have found myself to have gained more knowledge whilst on the (Retail) course, whilst also updating previous skills. I have also been able to work on my teamwork to build my confidence within a group setting, which will be an advantage within the retail sector. I would recommend this course to anyone wishing to go into a retail or customer based environment."
Ellen, i2i Cannock (July 2015)

"John has been a real professional in showing me the many different ways that i2i are able to help me improve myself and find work. John has always been helpful in teaching us all about Customer Service and he has always offered encouragement. He works hard and often finds a way to balance helping us with doing paperwork that needs filling out. Now that my traineeship is over, I am still able to see John whenever I need to further improve my Customer Service, English writing and reading or higher level Mathematics. I thank John for training me and found it worthwhile."
Ross, i2i Blackpool (July 2015)

"After taking the Employability course with Dot I feel more confident in myself about going for interviews. I'm now taking the Work Skills Level 1 course with Dot and I feel much more confident. I've met some nice people and I feel like Dot delivered the course very well. She also helped me in many other ways. After taking the course I was offered an interview at McDonalds, and I was proud of this. I just want to say thank you to Dot."
Danielle, i2i Scunthorpe (July 2015)

"Today is my last day on the Work Programme. I have just completed the Level 1 Work Skills course. I found it useful because it helped me to identify my goals. It helped me with my confidence and I even spoke during the presentation which I didn't think I could do when I started. Towards the end I got to know the group and I enjoyed working with them. I am finishing today. All the staff have been lovely. The tutor especially has inspired me to move forward and go on to do other things, which I had never thought would happen. I felt a bit lost when I started and now I have a better plan. Thank you for everything i2i."
Sandra, i2i Wolverhampton (July 2015)

"When I was asked to do my Customer Service course I felt a little worried at the start. But once I got to do the course I really enjoyed it. The support I got from the assessor was brilliant and working in a group was great help, as support was always there. I can honestly say it was brilliant."
Lisa, i2i Cannock (July 2015)

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