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What our customers say about i2i

I have been coming to i2i for just a couple of months. When I had my first appointment I was an absolute nervous wreck with low self-esteem and zero confidence. My adviser Maria has helped to build my confidence up over a number of weeks and praised me for even the smallest things I've achieved, while being here. Huge thanks to Maria for building me up! All the staff have been extremely supportive and coming here was the making of me. David has helped me on my job searches and organised me an interview with B&M, which I attended today and have now got the job. He prepared me for my interview and built my courage up ready for the big day. Before even telling my family I came straight from B&M to i2i wearing my new work uniform and every single member of staff cheered me on and congratulated me. They've made me feel so proud of myself, but I must say I couldn't have done it without them. Enwin helped me build a fantastic CV which my new boss was very impressed with. Thank you Enwin! Alden has also been a tower of strength and high fived me as soon as I got the interview booked and ready. Like the rest of the staff, Alden is forever keeping me going by building my confidence and he just cant do enough to help. A massive thank you to everyone at i2i. I feel as if you've made a complete difference to my new life and I can never thank you enough.
Rachel, i2i Lancaster (April 2015)
The course was really enjoyable and educational too. The tutor made everything as clear as possible and I learned a lot on employability and my options as to starting my own business as self-employed. Would recommend to friends etc, and looking forward to whatever is next.
Dave i2i Cannock (August 2017)
Absolutely loved going to i2i. Very helpful and a great set of individuals that worked brilliantly together to find me my perfect job. Never condescending or talk down to you and if you have a problem they will always do their best to help you out. A team that always go the extra mile. Thoroughly enjoyed my time going there, just gutted they found me my perfect job so I don't have to go there anymore, but I will surely pop in from time to time.
Jamie, i2i Lancaster (May 2015)
After contacting i2i in Hanley to say that I felt my employment was about to come to an end, the staff at the centre have been most supportive. I was contacted regularly to keep a check on the situation and kept informed of any possible prospects suitable for myself. I was referred to Mike who, after meeting with me, found the perfect role, and in less than a month of my job ending I gained a new role. The staff see each person as an individual and treat you with respect. They listen to your needs and take all aspects of your situation into consideration.
Christine, i2i Stoke (Jan 2015)
In a word, excellent. I would recommend taking part in any training offered by this company. It has boosted my self confidence, given me a recognised qualification and most importantly, the incentive to return to the workplace.
Thank you Janet, you're a star!

Michelle, i2i Blackpool (June 2015)
I began the Work Programme as sort of a problem child and through the help of the i2i advisers I have developed into a man. At first we had our problems with which type of work I should be looking for, but they advised me to look into further education. I was against it at first, but it made sense to me when we had an in-depth conversation about my future. I now attend college and have improved the jobs I can apply for and I'm enjoying life as well. The advisers at i2i Cannock are unbelievable when it comes to helping their clients find job vacancies and when it comes to taking a look at yourself in terms of a career they're outstanding. They found me my college course and the opportunities it would open to me in the job world. I would just like to thank everyone at i2i Cannock for all their help and assistance and would like them to know that they have changed my life.
Nathan, i2i Cannock (May 2015)
Thanks to the help and support given to my by the Lancaster i2i team, I am now working for Argos with a guaranteed permanent contract - to be given to me in March, and I have already been given the opportunity to progress in the company to Team Leader and hopefully further progression after that. I'd Like to thank everyone at i2i as I believe I wouldn't be where I am now without their encouragement and support.
Anthony, i2i Lancaster (Feb 2015)
I felt absolutely terrible being out of work. I could not cope. I was struggling with rent and everything. I was out of work for a long length of time and due to i2i working with me and supporting me to obtain my Fork Lift Truck licence I have managed to be successful in gaining a full time job as an FLT driver working for Bright House in Trafford Park. A big thank you to Heidi for putting together my CV and updating it constantly, and also for putting me in contact with NTG Training and for also helping me to get to work with travel funds. I feel like my life is back on track and am so happy to be back within work.
Mark, i2i Manchester (June 2015)
My journey with i2i began about 18 months ago after having hip surgery. I was out of work for a while and was directed to i2i from the local benefit office. At i2i I attended numerous courses and signed up for a health and social course because I showed a interest in working with children, which I passed with flying colours. It was hard as I hadn't been in a classroom for a long time and I didn't know if it was for me. I used to work in heavy industry and the building trade, but I decided to choose a different path in life. I'm so glad I did because my current job is working with children, which is very rewarding. Thanks to i2i, the staff gave me the support to go for it. I have been in work for 8 weeks and was awarded with employee of the month last week as voted by both the kids and staff. The i2i staff, I was involved with, were very helpful on my journey to where I am now. When you have your ups and down they are there to assist you in every way and get you back on track to where you should be. THANKS TO YOU ALL.
Stewart, i2i Cannock (Feb 2015)
On first being told about the course I was very nervous and apprehensive about it all. Once being told what the course involved I felt that it would help me improve myself overall and maybe help me gain skills for the future. The initial first meeting was nerve racking due to the number of people in the room, which was both groups together. The first day of the course I felt like I would not fit in, but the rest of the group were very accommodating and accepted me for who I am. As the course rolled on I felt more comfortable and got used to the other members and the tutor Collette. I gained more confidence with being around the group and tutor, I also gained my confidence working around others and getting involved in tasks.
Rob i2i Cannock (August 2017)
Amazing organisation, really helpful. Wouldn't be able to even apply for a job if it wasn't for (my adviser) Janet. She pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me realise there is nothing to be afraid of when applying for jobs. Her advice on interviewing skills was extremely helpful and her personality was the icing on the cake. Overall I found this experience extremely helpful. I am a more confident person now than I was before I started and I never felt pushed to do something I didn't want to do.
Daniel, i2i Blackpool (Feb 2015)
I am thoroughly enjoying being back in the workforce thanks to the help of i2i Wolverhampton. I have found that it has given me confidence and has given me a feeling of self worth. The customer service course that I attended has helped me greatly in the position that I am now working in. I found it very difficult to find work being a single Mum and didn't find job searching to be very helpful. After gaining the skills that i2i had taught me I felt more comfortable with applying for jobs. Coming here gave me the belief, self-esteem and confidence that I needed.
Tracey, i2i Wolverhampton (June 2015)
I feel I gained useful new skills on the employability course, the main thing was being part of a team as before the group it was something I was previously not used to so it gave me the confidence to be part of a team. Another important thing I gained from the course was interview techniques and cover letters and learning about other peoples’ opinions of myself and the way others may perceive me. We learnt about British values ethics, democracy and extremism. I found the course extremely useful and informative and Collette was very approachable and clear.
Libby i2i Cannock (August 2017)