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A leading department store is supporting its staff to progress their career ambitions with backing from i2i

Date Posted:
17 Mar 2016
National Apprenticeship Week: Meet two of our learners who are using their apprenticeships with i2i to help develop their retail careers.

The story in full:

Two retail workers with dreams of running their own department stores are progressing up the Boyes’ company ladder after studying for apprenticeships with i2i. 

Clair Leighton (pic left) and Brooke Allan (pic right) have both won promotions at work, whilst studying for nationally recognised qualifications that underpin their experience in the workplace.

Clair, who works at Boyes in Scarborough, started at the store as weekend staff and has since progressed from Group Supervisor to Floor Supervisor, and now to Store Supervisor.

During this time, Clair has successfully completed a Retail apprenticeship, followed by a Team Leading apprenticeship and most recently a Management apprenticeship. She is now looking to begin a Learning and Development apprenticeship.

Clair said: “When I started my first apprenticeship with i2i, I was a group supervisor so I had three departments to manage, and since then I’ve just gradually progressed. We do our own internal training at Boyes, but the apprenticeships allow us to go into things in a bit more detail.

“My assessor Clare has been spot on. She’s a really good tutor. If I have any issues, she guides me through and is always there when I need her.

“Within the Management qualification, we looked at Belbins theory of how most people fit into one of nine different behaviour types in the workplace, and since then I can actually see how different members of our team fit into the theory, so I’m definitely bringing a lot of my knowledge into my work.

“I’ve recently been helping to train new staff at our new store openings, so it’s been really useful to learn about the different training techniques. Some people like things written down, while others prefer something more visual.

“I’ve gained a lot of confidence throughout my time at Boyes, but a lot of it has also been down to the apprenticeships with i2i. Hopefully one day I might have my own store.”

Meanwhile, further north Brooke Allan is also progressing well through the ranks at Boyes’ Blaydon store.

Brooke began her apprenticeship journey with i2i when she was a shop assistant at the company’s Durham store.

After completing the Retail apprenticeship, she was then promoted to Weekend Supervisor, which prompted her to study for her Team Leading apprenticeship.

Brooke recently moved to the company’s Blaydon store where she was promoted to Team Leader and she is now looking forward to starting her Management Apprenticeship.

Brooke said: “They asked at work if anyone was interested in doing an apprenticeship with i2i. I’d never done anything like this before, but it’s been great.

“My assessor Grace is so easy to talk to and she’s very good with her different learning techniques. As a result I found it quite easy to balance my job with my studies.

“I’ve really enjoyed learning again and I definitely think it’s what helped me to progress within the company.”

Brooke has also found a lot of the topics covered in the apprenticeships have helped her in her day to day work.

Brooke explained: “I recently started doing the team briefings in store, and the Team Leading apprenticeship has been really useful in helping me with those. It really helped to build my confidence.”

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