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End Point Assessment

i2i Assessment Services

Continuous assessment by i2i will track the progress of each apprentice. We will gather feedback for employers and providers a clear view of their apprentices’ readiness for final assessment. 

Continuous i2i Assessment could include:

  • 1-1s for more detailed monitoring of their progress
  • Formal qualification that is mandatory as a precursor to EPA (Gateway)
  • Quality Assurance of training/learning
  • Opportunity for employers to take ownership and use in-house processes (as long as they are consistent to standard).

i2i End Point Assessment

Whilst continuous assessment will remain part of our service, our main focus will always be on End Point Assessment.

  • Independent assessment at the end of the apprenticeship programme is fundamental
  • Apprentice signed-off by their employer as ready for a final assessment of their KSBs
  • Must be graded (in most cases) - the assessment company and assessor must be independent of and separate from the training
  • The validity, effectiveness and cost of the various methods available vary in accordance with the occupation, which could be practical, involving work that can be easily observed or knowledge-based, where work output can sometimes be partly observable
  • Quality assurance, independent of the assessment organisation.

i2i Quality Assurance

A new independent body, the Institute for Apprenticeships (IfA), will be established which will be led by employers and will regulate the quality of apprenticeships.

An independent Chair will lead a small Board made up primarily of employers and business leaders to ensure employers continue to drive up apprenticeship quality. Building on the current Trailblazer processes, the IfA will implement mechanisms for the approval of apprenticeship standards and assessment plans, and maintain quality criteria so that only standards valued by employers are approved.

It is the intention that the IfA will be fully operational by April 2017, but it is likely to take on functions in a phased approach during 2016.

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