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Customer's confidence goes from strength to strength

Date Posted:
25 Apr 2018
Nick was referred to i2i by the job centre in York, back in July 2017. With his primary goals to improve his confidence and reading skills, he was soon introduced to the BBO programme which is funded by the National Lottery and European Social Fund.

The story in full:

In the past, Nick had struggled with his reading and writing and often found that he wasn’t very confident around people, until he was able to build a trusting relationship with them. Before i2i he had been out of work for over two years, with no english or maths at entry level. He spent the majority of his time as a carer for his Mother, whilst volunteering any free time he had to the RSPCA, where for over 18 years he was a dog walker.

Suffering from mobility issues and dyslexia, he found himself seeking the help to upskill. His short-term goals were to get help with his reading and writing and to access voluntary work, preferably with dogs. His medium-term goal was to start an English course, and his long-term goal was to do a non-accredited course, training in something he’d never been given the opportunity to try before.

Working closely with his keyworker on a one-to-one basis, Nick was able to start by finding an English course to help him. Although illness set him back, he decided to begin an ICT course. Finding he struggled to write, with the help of his keyworker he decided to concentrate more on his reading skills. He was helped with joining a library club, where he could also meet new people. Nick has since gone from strength to strength with his reading and is now trying a more challenging book, ‘The Life of Pets’. He is also hoping to soon start the English course now that his health has improved.

Recently, Nick decided he is now also confident enough to return as a volunteer at the RSPCA to walk dogs and is hoping to be able to get one of his own very soon! He is very happy that his reading has improved and is confident enough to attend a feedback group which is being run by Action Towards Inclusion, in York.

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