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NCS Sees Biggest Influx Of Young People

Date Posted:
17 May 2018
This year sees the biggest influx of young people in 2018 who have signed up to take part in the NCS and i2i Life Foundation partnership.

The story in full:

With more than 315 young people already signed up, the NCS programme is oversubscribed for this year, with many others currently waiting on the reserved list. The success of the programme so far this year has meant that extra team members and volunteers have been brought on board, to keep up with the demand.

Two main locations have been selected for this year’s NCS course. Both The Marriot Hotel, and the Shankley Hotel in Liverpool have been assigned as the programme’s central base.

Once again, Matthew Worthington is taking lead as Project Manager, with Sarah O’Shaughnessy as NCS coordinator. In addition to Matthew and Sarah, five graduate volunteers have been designated to assist with the three waves of young people after the success of last year’s influx.

A big part of the NCS programme focuses on social action, which emphasizes and promotes community action within the young people’s local and surrounding communities. Not only this, but it encourages teamwork, communication and safer communities.

The feedback from young people on previous NCS i2i courses has been nothing but positive so far, with many feeling huge benefits in their lives.

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