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Title MP's Getting Behind i2i Stoke
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Summary The Work & Health Programme has got off to a tremendous start in Stoke on Trent. Area Operations Manager, Peter McCreery had the following to say:

“We currently have a referral/start rate of 76%, against an average of all providers in the CPA of 57%.”

“We have also to date managed to place six participants into work already which is above our target-set contract to date.”

“All across the area we are receiving extremely positive feedback on the programme from participants, JCP DEA’s and also local MPs.”

“We held a successful meeting between ourselves, Shaw Trust and the MP’s of Stoke on Trent South and Stoke on Trent Central. Both of the MP’s expressed that this programme is a great improvement from previous programmes, and are getting fully behind it. They want to offer advice and guidance around employment opportunities within the area.”

“I personally believe that this programme can really change the lives of the participants involved. We have access to some great specialist providers, including Health 2 Employment that we refer our participants to, in order to start battling the various barriers they have. The participants are going back to their coaches at the JCP and explaining that they now believe they are going to receive the right level of support they have always needed, and feel that they can achieve their goals in life.”

Date Posted 04 Jun 2018
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Printed on:  December 14, 2018 10:30 PM