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Skills Division 

i2i prides itself on being a dynamic, innovative and flexible  training provider. We are committed to helping both individuals and businesses get the training they need to compete in    today’s marketplace.

Our team of dedicated assessors always go the extra mile to ensure our learners are given all of the help and support they need to succeed in their qualification.

Here’s what our our assessors love most about their job…
Grace (based in the North-East) said: “I like the variation and the different faces that you meet on a day to day basis. I work hard to build good relationships with all of my learners, which means I’m genuinely rooting for them as they progress through the course. I also enjoy the challenge of helping someone who might be struggling with their apprenticeship.  It’s a fantastic feeling when you help to turn things around and they go on to achieve.”
Marie (based in the North-West, Yorkshire & Humber) said: “I like the rapport you build up with the learners. You get to know them and really start to build up a trust. There’s also a lot of satisfaction when they complete their course.”

Elspeth (based in the Midlands) said: “I love giving the learners their certificates at the end of the course. Some people have been out of education for a long time, so it’s a huge achievement and a real opportunity to reflect on how far they have come.”

John (based in Yorkshire & Humber) said: "I most enjoy it when I see the look of amazement on a learner's face - when they complete a subject they have particularly struggled with. That look which says: 'I can't believe I did that, me, that's my work, I did that'. To see them achieve is worth more than gold."

i2i delivers a range of apprenticeships across the North West, West Midlands, North East and Yorkshire & Humber. We also deliver qualifications to Work Programme customers, which improves their vocational skills - enabling them to enter sustainable employment.
If you want to know more about how i2i's team of assessors can help you or your business, please call 01904 606000.