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What our learners have to say about an i2i apprenticeship...

“It’s been good and I’ve learnt a lot of new things. My assessor has been really good. He’s easy to get along with, and he’s always willing to work around my busy schedule. I’m still a warehouse guy, but I’d really like to become a warehouse manager one day. Hopefully this qualification will help me get there.”
Paul - Poundland, Halifax (Retail apprenticeship)
"My assessor Jo has been really helpful and approachable. She's very understanding of our business needs. I learnt a lot about health and safety and all the relevant legislation that I didn't know too much about. It also made me think more about how I do my display work, and clearing things away as I go along. It's a few years since I was at school, so I had to re-sit my Maths & English, and I put myself under a
bit of pressure because I wanted to pass first time. Everything in store is done on a calculator, so it was a bit of a shock to work without
one, but fortunately I got full marks on both."

Anna - Dorothy Perkins, Ripon (Team Leading apprenticeship)
"I've really enjoyed it. When I was first asked if I wanted to do a work based apprenticeship, I thought it sounded very full-on, but it's really not. I've never had anyone breathing down my neck asking why I haven't done my work. My assessor Grace has given me lots of support,
but she's trusted me to go away and get on with the work in my own time. It's definitely paid off, as I don't think I'd have got my recent promotion without having the customer service knowledge first."

Nicola - Vopak Chemical Storage, Teesside (Customer Service apprenticeship)
"I found the apprenticeship quite challenging, but I was allowed to take a couple of hours out each week to get the work done. It taught me
a lot about managing workloads and it helped me to understand the importance of admin within a business, and how doing my job well helps everything else in the company to run smoothly."

Stephen - i2i Manchester (Business Administration appenticeship)
"My assessor Donna was very supportive and I enjoyed both courses. They were a lot easier to balance alongside work than I first thought.
I'm still quite young, so I want to keep learning. If you stop learning or progressing, things can start to get a bit stale. I really enjoyed the
section we covered on staff appraisals, as my company does things differently to how we were taught on the course. This wasn't a problem though. It was interesting to learn a different style."

Gemma - Boyes, Ilkley (Retail Level 2 & Management Level 3 apprenticeships)
"If it hadn't been for my i2i assessor Grace, I would never have had the confidence to take the Assistant Manager's job, but she kept on encouraging me and telling me that I could do it. I love a challenge and I love learning new things, but I really did think a management
role was a step too far. But thanks to i2i, I knew I had that little bit of extra help and support, which gave me the confidence to say yes."

Dawn - Poundland, Chester le Street (Retail & Management apprenticeships)
"Everyone that starts an apprenticeship is a bit apprehensive at first, but our assessor Clare manages to talk them round to the point where they're really positive about it. Our staff speak very highly of her."
John - Boyes Head Office, Scarborough (Management Level 3 apprenticeship)