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What does ERSA do?

ERSA's mission statement is:

"ERSA is the representative national body for the employment related services industry. It provides a forum for discussion of non-competitive issues and promotes the development of a fair and competitive employment related services industry, characterised by high quality professional standards. ERSA seeks to raise the profile of the industry with interested parties, and constructively engage with Government and other policy-makers on issues affecting its membership."

More specifically the objectives of ERSA are -

To act as a central representative body to put forward the views of those engaged in the provision of employment related services to European, national and local government bodies and agencies.

To undertake research and to make available and publish such research, statistics and other relevant information in relation to employment related services and those engaged in their provision.

To demonstrate the effectiveness of those engaged in the provision of employment related services and to promote their activities locally, nationally and internationally.

To provide guidance to members and others in relation to activities pertinent to those engaged in employment related services and to promote best practice and efficiency in their delivery.

ERSA will pursue its objectives through a combination of consultation with members, commissioned research and professional support. All Board papers and other documents will be available to all members, and there will be regular meetings which can be attended by all members. Views will also be sought through member surveys. Research will be commissioned where appropriate.

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