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What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships with i2i

Earn while you learn

For the best chance of success in any career, it is important to carry on developing skills throughout your life. Apprenticeships give employees the chance to learn and gain nationally recognised qualifications whilst continuing in their current employment.

Here at i2i we have the resources to support individuals through an Apprenticeship programme using our expert delivery team and a variety of support methods. i2i have a proven track record of successfully supporting people in the workplace to achieve qualifications - resulting in a positive experience for both employer and learner alike.

Apprenticeships give employers the opportunity to up-skill their workforce. They also give employees the chance to gain a recognised combined qualification consisting of both knowledge and performance in their chosen occupational area, as well as Functional Skills in Maths, English and ICT.

How long does an Apprenticeship last?
It varies - depending on the sector, the type of qualification, and current skills. Generally, an Apprenticeship takes a minimum of twelve months to complete.

Who can apply for an Apprenticeship?
You need to be in permanent employment and 16 years of age or above. You need to have a contract of employment and work a minimum of 16 hours per week on average. Our industry competent delivery team will be able to help you choose the programme that is correct for you and create a personalised plan of support.

How will I be supported through the process?
All learners who enrol onto our programmes will be supported individually by one of our team of industry competent assessors. Your Skills and apprenticeship trainer will begin by working with you to identify the skills and knowledge that you already have. They will then agree with you a individual learning plan around your development areas that will fully factor in all aspects of your job role.

Following the agreement of your individual learning plan your Skills and apprenticeship trainer will agree to support you through the different components of your course. Delivery will be carried out at a pace to suit both you and your organisation and will be respectful to your business needs.

Your Skills and apprenticeship trainer will gather evidence using a wide range of methods such as through observing you in the workplace, asking questions and relating to specific scenarios as well as testing your skills. This is all aimed to show your competence and knowledge, but to improve your skills.


Apprenticeships can lead to:

    * Progression to an advanced Apprenticeship
    * Increased knowledge
    * Recognised qualifications across a range of subject areas
    * Sustainable employment
    * A successful career where you can grow and develop within your role
    * Progression through vocational training
    * The opportunity to add real value to the organisation you work for

How do I apply?
Contact a member of our Skills Division team here at i2i on 01904 606000.

Printed on:  January 19, 2019 6:28 PM