Business Handshake

Behave with integrity and respect

  • Act with integrity at all times
  • Show respect to others; treat them the way you would like to be treated
  • Always be positive about your team and your company
  • Seek first to understand then to be understood
  • Be optimistic and positive; strive to build confidence in others


Be passionate about our business

  • Be proud of our business, brand and history
  • Help create a positive, optimistic and enjoyable working environment
  • Put the customers/learners needs first by developing high quality programmes and services
  • Share innovative and alternative ideas and solutions
  • Continuously promote and protect the good name of Inspire 2 Independence (i2i)


Business Presentation Success

Love success

  • Achieve, share and celebrate positive results, success breeds success
  • Help others fulfil their potential by providing advice and feedback
  • Always have a “can do/will do” attitude and make things happen
  • Ensure others feel valued and appreciated
  • Personally commit to the success of your team


Be humble and never stop improving

  • Be open and interested to learn from anyone, anytime
  • Personally commit to continuous improvement and be willing to change
  • Solicit and provide honest feedback
  • Have the courage to admit our mistakes and learn from them
  • Do not settle for mediocrity


Learning Taking Responsibility

Be responsible and accountable

  • Accept personal responsibility and accountability for our actions and results
  • Find solutions and achieve results, rather than making excuses or blaming others
  • Positively contribute to discussions and support decisions fully once they are made
  • Involve others in decisions and plans that effect them
  • Always keep the promises and commitments we make


Keep it simple

  • Stop processes, procedures and activities that slow our progress or do not add value
  • Work together to ensure efficiency
  • Deal with people and issues directly without hidden agendas
  • Prioritise daily and do not get caught up in the thick of thin things
  • Value results over activity


Working Together